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HVAC Myths and Facts

MYTH: "Freon" (Refrigerant) should be added to your unit every year to assure peak performance.
FACT: "Freon" should never have to be added. If it must be replaced every year there is an expensive leak that should be found.

MYTH: To save money on your electric bill, close registers in rooms that are not used.
FACT: Shutting off air flow in these rooms can eventually ruin the compressor resulting in costly repairs or unit replacement.
MYTH: Changing the filter in your unit each month is too often and also unnecessary
FACT: Once a month is not too often. A dirty filter can account for a 10% increase of a heating or air conditioning bill.

MYTH: Routine maintenance is not necessary. "If it's not broke, don't fix it."
FACT: Unrepaired small problems can lead to very expensive repairs. Up to 80% of all air conditioning and heat pump compressor failures could be eliminated if the problems that lead to the failure are diagnosed in the early stages.

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