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5 Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

We all know that a HVAC system doesn’t come free (or even cheap!), either to purchase or to run, so why would you want to just let it degrade without any maintenance or care? Taking care of your HVAC system also means taking care of those precious dollars – that’s just common sense!


If you want to take care of the more basic needs or tasks involved with your HVAC system, you should consider investing in a reasonable set of tools – chewing up screw heads, damaging fittings, and breaking parts isn’t going to help with maintenance and will only make the job more difficult.

Safety & Knowledge

Before tackling any work, be aware of the potential dangers. Electricity, gases, heat: all manners of things  can cause physical pain, so be careful. You should also have the knowledge to understand what needs to be done. Don’t just dive right in and hope for the best. Take advice if needed.


Make sure that any filters that are fitted to your system are clean and not clogged up. A clogged filter can reduce efficiency of your system by up to 40%! To put that into monetary terms, that means for every $1 you’re spending on energy, $0.40 is being wasted.

Unusual Noises or Smells

If you have noticed anything unusual, be that smells or noises, then take professional advice to find out the potential cause of the problem. It may be something that should only be tackled by an expert.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regardless of the work you feel capable of doing or have done, you should never overlook the regular and scheduled maintenance of your system with a professional. They will be able to ensure that everything is working exactly as it should, meaning efficiency is guaranteed.

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