6 Signs It’s Finally Time to Replace Your Furnace
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6 Signs It’s Finally Time to Replace Your Furnace

Some things can be hard to let go of. We all have that t-shirt from high school or college that we haven’t worn in years, but can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it.

Keeping a shirt tucked in your dresser is one thing but what if your furnace is on its last legs? How do you know whether it’s smarter to keep paying for repairs or invest in a new one? Here are six signs to look out for that can make your decision easier.

  • Your system is over 15 years old. The average service life of a gas furnace is 15-20 years. If your unit is entering that range, it may not be worth it to spend more money on repairs. If you don’t know how old your furnace is, you can look up the model number to get a better idea.
  • It keeps breaking down. Does the furnace frequently need more than regular maintenance? You could be putting that money toward a new system instead.
  • You hear strange noises. If you notice buzzing or rattling sounds coming from the furnace when it’s running, it may be a sign of a motor failure or other issue. It may be only a matter of time until the problem escalates and the unit stops working.
  • Your energy bills are going up. When a furnace is at the end of its service life, it won’t operate as efficiently as it did when it was new or in better condition. Lower efficiency means higher energy (gas or electric) bills. If there are no other explanations for the increase, then the likely culprit in the furnace.
  • Poor performance. Cold air coming out of vents. Some rooms being warmer than others. These are just some examples of what you could experience with a struggling furnace. Make sure all your maintenance is up to date – but if that doesn’t fix things, it may be time to replace the unit.
  • Rust or cracks. Give the furnace a visual inspection. If something doesn’t look right, then it may be a sign of a serious issue going inside the unit. Old furnaces tend to show rust or cracks before they break down for good.

Advantages of replacing a furnace

As a homeowner, you probably aren’t looking forward to the day when you have to invest in a new furnace. The upside is that the technology is more advanced now than 10-15 years ago. A new furnace will likely be much more energy-efficient, which can save you each month on your energy bills. You may also enjoy improved comfort in your home, quieter performance, and extra convenience features. 

If you’re still unsure whether it’s time to replace your furnace, or if you can get through another winter with your current unit, talk to the team at Roberts B. Payne An experienced technician can help you decide what makes the most sense as well as tell you about financing and specials on new furnace installation. Send us a message or call 540-373-5876.

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