Five Reasons to Have a Seasonal Inspection on Your Heating System
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Five Reasons to Have a Seasonal Inspection on Your Heating System

Like your vehicle or plumbing system, your heating system requires occasional maintenance and a thorough inspection. A seasonal inspection is ideal. Most of us turn on the heater as the temperature begins to drop. Whether that means holding out for first snowfall or waiting until the thermometer hits 40-degrees, your heater is likely coming on this winter. However, when it comes to a heating system inspection, you always want to schedule professional services. Messing around with a heating system is certainly not DIY work.

Five Reasons for a Heating Inspection

Scheduling professional service with a heating expert ensures your furnace works properly year-round. Here are five reasons to schedule a seasonal inspection:

  • Energy Efficiency – Typically, a heating inspection is paired with preventative maintenance. During the appointment, your heating system is properly lubricated, examined, and cleaned. These factors lead to higher energy efficiency, allowing the furnace to circulate air throughout the home.
  • Lifespan – Seasonal service can help increase the lifespan of your heating system. A technician will closely examine all parts within the heater. Then, each piece is cleaned and maintained. Any issues that arise will be promptly addressed.
  • Air Quality – Any issues with your heating system can directly lead to issues with your indoor air quality. If you want to avoid airborne contaminants, schedule a heating system inspection and routine maintenance. The filter, for instance, should be changed monthly. If not, air quality will suffer.
  • Carbon Monoxide – The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is a genuine concern with a modern heating system. Carbon monoxide is quite deadly. A professional will determine whether you have a leak and how best to address the concern.
  • Repairs – The need for heating system repairs can be quite expensive. The more you schedule, or the bigger the problem, the higher the cost. If you want to cut down on costly repairs, schedule routine maintenance. Any issues that would lead to expensive repairs would be caught early during the inspection.
  • Professional Service

    By scheduling a heating system inspection with a professional technician, you’ll receive unbeatable service that guarantees results. Besides ensuring safety, professional service includes:

    • Ensuring the thermostat works properly
    • Ensuring the control valve is in the proper position to produce heat
    • Checking the air filter and replacing as necessary
    • Cleaning the heating system
    • Ensuring the tension belt is in working order
    • Examining the pilot light
    • Oiling the motor

    Ideally, you should schedule such service before the winter season. During the winter, you’ll want to turn on the heater when needed. Too many homeowners wait until the last minute, calling for service when temperatures drop significantly. Then, if you forgot to schedule, you would have to wait to receive service. It is a hassle.

    Schedule affordable heating maintenance and inspection services with Robert B. Payne. Everything you need for a working, efficient heating system can be found under one roof. Just pick up the phone and call 540-373-5876 today for unparalleled services!

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