How to Prevent Your HVAC from Freezing Up
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How to Prevent Your HVAC from Freezing Up

The hot and sweltering temperatures of summer are here once again. Having a great running AC unit is necessary in order to make it through this time of year. The only way to keep a unit running at peak performance is by letting a professional maintain it for you. Having a unit properly maintained will allow it to remain reliable when it is needed the most. Among the most serious issues a homeowner will face with their unit is having it freeze up. Here are some things that will help to prevent this from occurring.

Keeping a Check on Refrigerant

The refrigerant in an AC unit is a very vital component. Without this gas, the AC system will not be able to produce cool air and will freeze up. By having a professional come in and put their gauges on the unit, you will be able to find out if it is low on refrigerant. If it is low, then the professionals will be able to add the right amount during a routine maintenance call. Trying to do this job without the right tools and skill can turn disastrous very quickly.

Improper Amount of Airflow

The air flow that a unit has is vital to it running the right way. The air filter the air passes through will have to be changed on a regular basis. Letting this filter changing lapse will make it harder for your unit to get the right amount of air to perform. This will usually lead to the unit freezing up and causing the air inside the home to grown hot and muggy. Taking the time to change the filter once every month or two will allow a homeowner to get the performance they are in need of.

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