Quick Tips For the Care of Your Heating System
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Quick Tips For the Care of Your Heating System

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Maintaining your home furnace is one of the essential steps to ensuring your entire heating system at home is functioning properly and without falter. To ensure the unit that was installed is working up to standards, there are some tips you should take note of to properly maintain the furnace and even choose the right filter for the HVAC unit.

Maintaining Your Furnace

Since the comfort of your home solely depends on a well-maintained heating system, a few tips and tricks can keep you up and running for longer.

  • Ensure your pilot light is burning strong. If the pilot light is not lit, a heating professional can relight it.
  • Check your blower and vacuum. If dirty, clear it out of debris or dust.
  • Check and replace the filter once every 30 days, give or take. If the air filter is dirty, the unit will become clogged and the airflow will suffer, causing your equipment to overwork itself.
  • Lubricate your blower motor.
  • Check the heater’s burner for corrosion by removing the flame shield. Make sure the fan is off before checking the flames.
  • Clean out all of the furnace’s ducts, as they are the most easily damaged aspect of the HVAC unit. To avoid damage, a professional can clear out the ducts using a vacuum cleaner.

Selecting a Filter

When it comes to air quality, the correct filter can make all the difference in your HVAC unit. Should you neglect your air filter, you can expect higher energy bills each month, unit breakdowns, dirty air flowing into the house, and even frozen coils if you are not careful.

A trained technician can advise homeowners on the correct filter to use for their home and their needs. Have one look over your entire system.

If you need an HVAC professional to care for your heating system, or would like to upgrade your air filter, call Robert B. Payne today at 540-373-5876.

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