Seven Steps for Staying Snug: How to Care for Your Gas Furnace
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Seven Steps for Staying Snug: How to Care for Your Gas Furnace

Your furnace does a lot for you, keeping you warm and toasty through those cold winter months. But we all need a little maintenance now and again! Follow these tips to keep your furnace pumping!

Seven Steps For Staying Snug: How To Care For Your Gas Furnace

  • The first and most important step in furnace maintenance is staying safe! Before you begin – make sure your gas furnace is OFF! Check for gas leaks and stay far away if you find one before calling a professional (us!).
  • After ensuring your furnace is off, check your filter! This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure your furnace is around for years to come. Improper filtration is one of the biggest causes of malfunction – and it is recommended that the filter is replaced regularly to prevent soot build up and other issues.
  • So your filter was full – after replacement it still may have some issues. The next step is cleaning the vents. Start by removing the cover, clean the parts you can reach using a large brush and finally bring in the big guns. With a trustworthy vacuum, clean the back of the ducts.
  • Clean that blower! After all the filter maintenance – the blower is next up on the list. Located just after the filter – the blower can also accumulate soot and dust. Remove the barricades between the filter and blower, find a damp towel and get down to business!
  • You’re in luck! This next task requires no cleaning. Simply check your thermostat regularly to ensure proper temperature control.
  • Check those ducts! No, no ducks – ducts. These babies are highly susceptible to damage and often need some extra care. Pull back out the vacuum and get to work!
  • For this last one, you may need a little help. Fan components need to be checked yearly – the sooner you catch a problem, the sooner we can fix it!
  • Maintenance is essential – but sometimes even the most cared for furnaces need a little extra TLC. If your furnace is faulty and you need some help staying warm – call Robert B Payne at 540-373-5876! We are here to help, no matter what condition your furnace is in!

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