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HVAC: Getting the Seasonal Tune-Up Before It’s Too Late

An air conditioner tune-up is critical for any family or business that needs to have a properly working air conditioning unit. A well-maintained air conditioning system will last longer, operate more efficiently, and cost a family or business less in repair bills. Robert B. Payne knows a lot about why this service is critical.

The main reason to keep up with air conditioner service is to increase the life of your equipment. Once a unit breaks down, replacing it can potentially cost you thousands of dollars and weeks to order and replace. Air conditioner repair is cheaper than completely replacing a system, but it can still cost over $100 for a technician to visit your house or business.

In addition to saving money on replacement and maintenance costs, the Fredericksburg air conditioner company can help a system operate at its peak efficiency. This means you could save a lot of money every year on your energy bills.

Regular service visits from a certified HVAC company also ensures that your business’s or home’s HVAC system will be in prime operating condition during the temperature extremes of summer. Getting customers, guests, or even family members to stay in a business or house that is sweltering in the middle of summer is difficult, not to mention dangerous for people with certain health conditions. While a service call can be scheduled anytime, being in the position where your air conditioner doesn’t work means waiting in the heat for a technician to arrive. If you have to order a part, it can potentially be weeks before your home or business is back to a reasonable temperature.

Finally, remember that many systems (especially those in offices) require regular preventative service calls in order to keep up the system’s factory warranty. Properly functioning cooling systems are also a requirement of many insurance companies. This is because of the threat that high temperatures pose to air quality and electronic equipment. Many people have discovered too late that having a properly working AC system is essential to keeping up their insurance policy.

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