Top Benefits of Humidifiers
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Top Benefits of Humidifiers

If you have dry air inside your home, you may not even notice there is a problem. The low humidity can contribute to many problems that affect your health and comfort, and affect your indoor air quality. There are many benefits to adding a humidifier to your home.

Reducing Dry Skin

If you constantly have dry, itchy skin, especially in the winter, you probably need more moisture in the air. The air can be especially dry as the temperatures fall, and moisturizing multiple times each day may not be enough. Small changes in your indoor humidity can help you have moisturized skin all year long. You may find adding humidity to your home can improve chronic dermatological problems, such as eczema.

Soothe Your Sinuses

Dry air is your worst nightmare if you have sinus irritation and congestion. Not only does the dry air increase sinus irritation, but you may notice more nosebleeds. Increasing indoor humidity can help reduce sinus congestion and facilitate proper drainage of your sinuses. When your sinuses drain properly, you can reduce the pain and pressure that accompanies sinus problems and will have less risk of developing sinus infections. If you notice sinus problems, you may want to have an air quality evaluation to determine if improvements would help.

Breathe Easier

Too much or too little humidity inside your home can contribute or exacerbate breathing problems. If anyone in your household has respiratory problems, such as asthma, you know how influential humidity can be for reducing the risk of an asthma attack. Dry air can contribute to throat irritation, which is more obvious if you are battling a cold or other upper-respiratory problem. The added humidity can be soothing to your airway. If you snore or sleep with your mouth open, the moist air can prevent you from waking up with the characteristic dry, scratchy throat.

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