How to Avoid Wasting Energy While Running Your AC

Virginia might not be the hottest state in the country, but it certainly sees warm summers. This can cause residents to crank the AC in search of a cool respite from unusually warm temperatures.

The problem is, blasting your air conditioning system at full power can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. Plus, it’s not a great way to support the environment either. That’s why we want to let you know about three ways you can avoid excess energy use while trying to stay cool.

1) Cut down on your other kinds of power usage. Because your air conditioning unit will use so much energy during the summer, you may need to work on using less electricity in other areas of your home. For instance – keep the lights off until it’s dark outside. Avoid using the oven, which can cause your whole kitchen to feel warmer (use the stovetop or a toaster oven instead). Unplug appliances when you’re not using them. Remember, every little bit of effort can save you money.

2) Lend your AC unit a helping hand. Ceiling, floor, and window fans can make a huge difference when it comes to your home’s comfort level. By circulating the air, you can make a room feel substantially cooler without touching the thermostat. Sure, fans require energy to work, but they use quite a bit less than AC units do.

3) Have your unit serviced. The only real way to make sure your AC system is using the appropriate amount of energy is to have a professional conduct regular inspections, and repairs if needed. Experts will be able to spot problems and keep you from wasting money on your electric bill.

If you need to have your air conditioning system inspected, repaired, or even replaced, talk to a representative from Robert B. Payne. Their trained technicians will help your house stay cool without racking up huge utility bills. Learn more by giving them a call at 540-373-5876.

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