03 Sep

How do I Replace a Home Thermostat?


How do I Replace a Home Thermostat?

If you want to replace a home thermostat without the help of an electrician or HVAC technician, you need a working understanding of electrical systems. To avoid harming yourself, those around you and your thermostat, contact an AC repair technician to perform the job.

If you have the knowledge and experience necessary to replace a thermostat on your own, complete the following steps to ensure that the installation goes safely and smoothly.

  1. Read all installation instructions provided with the thermostat.
  2. Shut off the power at the breaker box.
  3. Remove the old thermostat, making sure to label the wires.
  4. Install the replacement wall plate.
  5. Wire the new thermostat.
  6. Slide the thermostat onto the wall plate.
  7. Use the breaker box to turn the power back on.