25 May

How Many AC Units do you Need in your House?


House AC UnitsWhen it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer, you will want to be sure to rely on your AC unit. This can allow you to avoid getting too hot when the weather outside is miserable. The key to staying comfortable inside will depend on how well you AC is functioning for you. However, how many units do you need to have in your house to maintain the comfort you desire? Knowing how to determine this may be helpful to you.

What is the Size of your Home?

One of the first things that will determine how many AC units you need includes the amount of square footage of your house. The inside living space should have either one or two AC units based on the precise amount of square footage.

Be sure to talk to your HVAC professional about whether you should have one or two units to help you stay cool in the heat of summer.

Do you have a One or Two story home?

A huge determining factor about how many AC units you will need is based on if you have a house that is one story or a two story one. For one story homes, you can typically get by with a single AC unit. On the other hand if you have a two-story house, you normally will require two units to help cool the interior of your home.

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