30 May

Removing Heating Oil Tank from Basement


Heating Oil Price Fredericksburg, VAGetting rid of an unwanted oil tank is more than most Fredericksburg homeowners want to deal with. Robert B Payne, Inc. knows what it’s like to have this kind of unneeded equipment taking us space in your home, and we put this article together to help.

In this article, we’ll look at how to remove a heating oil tank from your basement.

If You Try to DIY

We have gotten many calls over the years from our Fredericksburg clients who attempt to remove their heating oil tank by themselves and then get stuck. That’s because you have to handle heating oil tanks in a specific way. Even though there are many sites online that claim to give the best ways of removing the tank yourself, it’s still far too easy to remove it or attempt to remove it incorrectly.

Why You Should Let Professionals Do It

If you’ve recently transitioned your Fredericksburg home to natural gas, you’ll wanted to hire professionals to come remove the old heating oil tank. While home heating oil won’t ignite with a natch, there are other concerns to consider when it come to removing the tank. The professionals at Robert B Payne, Inc. have been serving the area for many years and we know this process well. Most homeowners would have no idea of how to dispose of the leftover oil. That’s because oil is environmentally toxic waste. So you can’t simply take the old tank to the local landfill and dump it. It has to be disposed of in a careful and specific way.

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