25 Oct

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance


Tankless water heaters are a great investment in your home. They are energy efficient and offer hot water on demand. To keep your tankless water heater operating at top shape for decades, be proactive in scheduling preventive maintenance at least once a year- twice if you have hard water.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance


Flush the System

Natural mineral build up is to be expected with all hot water tanks, and if you struggle with hard water, the instance of mineral build up will likely be greater than average. Mineral deposits can clog up the system, damage the internal components of the unit and decrease operating efficiency.

The best solution for flushing a tankless water heater is a mixture of vinegar and water. You will also need a long hose and sump pump to complete the flush. Before beginning the job, make sure to turn off all power and water to the hot water tank. After that is done, you will attach the hoses and use the sump pump to flush the cleaning solution through the system to remove all mineral deposits. Complete the flushing process two times to ensure the lines are clear. Run clear, clean water through the system once more before reconnecting the tankless water heater to its normal water and power sources.

This process can be rather time consuming, and is best done by a professional.

Clean the Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter is a simple task that can be done by the homeowner. Remove the filter from the unit and clean it gently with a soft brush, soap and water. After rinsing with clean water, let it completely air dry before replacing it in the water heater.

Clean the Water Filter

Tankless water heaters usually include a water filter that eliminates excess sediment from entering the system. Cleaning these sediments will help your water heater run more efficiently. Use your owner’s manual to locate the water heater and remove it. Use warm, soapy water to clean and then rinse the filter. Once it is dry, you can insert it back into the unit, as good as new.

Inspect the Tank

Wiping the outside of the tankless water heater is just as important as tending to the materials inside. Dust and debris can build up quickly and make its way into the tank if this is not done from time to time. Make sure to disconnect the water heater from power before doing so. This is also a great time to inspect all valves and piping to see that they are in good shape, not rusting, etc.

Call the Professional

If you are unsure about tending to tankless water heater maintenance on your own, give one of the experienced professionals at Robert B. Payne a call. We are happy to handle your annual water heater maintenance and put your mind at ease.