What to Do with the AC System When You’re on Vacation

There are many different theories circulating about how to best handle your AC system when you’re not home. Some say to turn it off completely when you leave for vacation. Others say to turn the thermostat down. So, which technique is right?

Depending on how long you’ll be away, here are the actions you should take to avoid wasting energy:

  • If you’re gone for a weekend, you should change the thermostat to about 85 degrees. This will prevent the home from getting too hot, but will also make sure you don’t have to cool things down drastically when you return.
  • If you’re just gone for one night, you might bump the temperature to around 80 degrees, just to avoid wasting too much cool air on a home you’re not in. When you return and need to cool the place down, it will use energy, but not as much as if you left the system running needlessly while you’re away.
  • When you’re leaving for an extended stay (more than 2–3 days), then it might make sense to shut the home’s system off completely. There’s no point in cooling a house when you won’t return for multiple days or weeks at a time. Letting your AC system rest while the house is empty will save both energy and money.

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