What to Do When Your AC Unit Won’t Cool Fast Enough

When you walk into your home after work and it’s 95 degrees outside, you want to cool things down as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it might take quite a bit of time for your home’s internal temperature to fall substantially.

If you feel like your AC unit is working too slowly but you don’t want to pay for repairs, here are a few things you can do to speed up the cooling process.

  • Make sure your filters have been changed recently. Dusty, dirty filters can clog up your system and cause less cool air to flow into your home, so you need to keep track of how often you clean them or install new ones.
  • Don’t let your AC unit overwork itself. Sometimes, your unit will actually freeze up if it’s been running non-stop. You may even spot ice on the outside. If this happens, turn the unit off and let it defrost, so that it can work properly later on.
  • Keep the curtains closed while you cool things down. Sunlight can dramatically increase the temperature inside a room, even if it’s just shining in through a window, so keep things as dark and cool as possible while you blast the AC.
  • Turn on the fan. Simply circulating the fresh air can make things feel substantially cooler without affecting your AC unit, or adding much to your electric bill.
  • Avoid heating your home unintentionally. When you’re trying to cool down your home, activities like running the dishwasher, doing laundry, or even showering can cause the temperature to rise. Since this is counterproductive, it might be best to save those tasks for another time.

If you try these tips but still feel like your AC unit cools your house down at a snail’s pace, you might need to contact Robert B. Payne to find out what’s wrong. Their trained representatives will conduct a full evaluation of your system to discover any problems that keep it from working at its full capacity. To learn more or schedule an appointment, give Robert B. Payne a call at 540-373-5876.

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