Oil to Gas Conversion: Reasons to Make the Switch

Oil to Gas Conversion Tips

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If most HVAC companies are honest, they’ll tell you that oil-based HVAC systems are relics of the past. Although you may think the upfront cost of switching to a new gas system will be painful, in the long run, it’s the switch you need to make for the benefit of your home.

When you make the conversion from oil to gas, you’ll find that you experience several benefits right away.

Gas Is More Reliable

People who still rely on oil to heat their home must wait for trucks to bring the oil to their homes. This means working around the oil’s delivery schedule, which can be impacted by bad weather, company changes, traffic, and other factors.

On the other hand, with a gas-powered system, you won’t have to wait on anyone or anything to heat your home. The gas is pumped directly into the building, making it incredibly easy for you to adjust the thermostat up whenever you need to.

You’ll Save Thousands of Dollars Over the Years

On average, experts estimate that you can save about $1,000 a year on utility bills by using natural gas instead of oil.* You’ll find that those savings quickly make up for the installation price of a new system, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re using a less expensive form of energy every time you want to warm up your house during the winter.

There Are Often Rebates and Credits for Switching

Most utility and HVAC companies want you to switch from oil to gas-powered systems. That’s why some utility companies provide incentives during an oil to gas conversion. Plus, dozens of different rebates and credits can shave hundreds of dollars off the initial cost of installation. Therefore, if you’re worried about the price of switching, do your research before assuming it’s too expensive for your budget.

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