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  • Increases comfort
  • Supports lower utility cost
  • Reduces unexpected failures
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Choice of plans
  • Helps ensure safety of family

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Flexible Appointments Available Now

Flexible Appointments
Available Now

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100% Satisfaction

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It’s a fact: it costs more to repair something than it does to maintain it.

Why do we take our cars to mechanics to regular maintenance? To avoid sudden an costly repairs, right? This philosophy also applies to your home’s heating and cooling systems. Robert B. Payne, Inc.’s Energy Saving Agreement helps you avoid unexpected repairs by serving your HVAC equipment on a regular basis.

Regular HVAC Maintenance is essential
Little cost BIG SAVINGS

Maintenance helps avoid
inconvenient equipment

Efficient systems COST LESS TO RUN

Maintenance will optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

Keep your warranty UP TO DATE

Manufacturer’s warranty can be voided if regular maintenance is not performed. Robert B. Payne, Inc. will remind you to schedule your maintenance.

Extend the life of YOUR SYSTEM

Regular maintenance keeps your system clean, operating efficiently, and has proven to extend its overall life cycle.

Visits Per Year 2 2
After Hours Fee 15% off WAIVED
Repair Discount 15% off WAIVED
Parts Discount 15% off WAIVED
Diagnostic Fee 15% off WAIVED
Same-Day Service If called
before 2 p.m.
Scheduled Reminders 15% off Included

*Subject to Contract Terms & Conditions

Choose the plan that work for you!

The Silver Plan includes a seasonal precision tune-up and professional cleaning (one heating, one cooling) to maximize system efficiency (see checklist below); you’ll also receive a 15% discount on parts, labor and on overtime cost. Tune-ups are performed during regular working hours. Heat pumps are serviced twice a year. The Sliver Plan also gives you priority service and witten guarantees for your peace of mind.


Precision Heating Tune-Up


(Warm air systems - natural gas, fuel oil or LP gas)

  • 1. Clean heat exchanger/flue/smoke pipe*
  • 2. Clean burner*
  • 3. Clean safety controls*
  • 4. Clean blower wheel*
  • 5. Lube motors and bearings
  • 6. Inspect gas and oil lines
  • 7. Test fan switch
  • 8. Check thermostat calibration
  • 9. Check for combustion ari
  • 10. Adjust belts and pulleys*
  • 11. Inspect wiring
  • 12. Take efficiency test

Hot Water Bolder:

(Hot water or steam systems - natural gas, fuel oil, or LP gas)

  • 1. Clean heat exchanger/flue/smoke pipe*
  • 2. Clean burner*
  • 3. Oil circulator
  • 4. Test temperature/pressure control
  • 5. Drain expansion tank*
  • 6. Test flow control
  • 7. Check low water cut-off***
  • 8. Adjust pressure-reducing valve*
  • 9. Check and adjust system pressure
Gold Plan

The Gold Plan gives you all of the coverage of the Silver Plan PLUS 100% of the cost of labor. In addition, the Gold Plan covers all repairs or replacement of any internal operating part(s) of the covered piece(s) of equipment listed on the Agreement. There are no overtime charges and all diagnostic fees are waived. The Gold Plan coverage goes into effect after your system receives a satisfactory rating.
*Certain conditions apply.


Precision Cooling Tune-Up

Central A/C and
Heat Pump/Geothermal Systems:

  • 1. Clean condenser oil*
  • 2. Clean accessible evaporator coil*
  • 3. Clean blower wheel*
  • 4. Verify refrigerant charge
  • 5. Replace or clean filter**
  • 6. Adjust pulleys and belts*
  • 7. Test Thermostat and calibration
  • 8. Lube motors and bearings
  • 9. Test controls and safeties
  • 10. Check amperage on motos
  • 11. Analyze capacitors/contractor/relays
  • 12. Test crankcase heater
  • 13. Clean condensate drain pan*
  • 14. Inspect wiring
  • 15. Visually inspect ductwork
  • 16. Record temperatures and pressures
  • 17. Test defrost cycle***
  • 18. Test reversing valve***
  • 19. Test auxiliary heat strips***
  • 20. Test pressure/temperature of loop (GEO only)
  • 21. Flow test (GEO only)

*As Required **Customer Supplied
***Heat Pump System Only ****Steam Only

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