02 Sep

Roof Leaks – When It Is an HVAC Problem and Not the Roofers


HVAC MaintenanceIf you’re dealing with a roof leak in your Fredericksburg home, there’s a chance this is the result of an issue with your HVAC unit rather than the fault of a roofer. In this article, Robert B Payne, Inc. looks at how to tell if you should call an HVAC repair company or a roofing company when you’e facing a roof leak.

Cracked Seams Around HVAC Platform

Cracked seams around the support platform for your HVAC unit tends to be the most common cause of water leaks from your unit. These platforms generally sit about 3ft above the roof and are covered by the roofing material, which is wrapped up vertically in order to ensure the entire platform is covered. Over time, however, the point where the material begins to bend becomes susceptible to wear and can eventually crack, causing a leak. These repairs are generally patched up with roofing tar and can be done by either a roofing contractor or HVAC specialist.

Exposed Ductwork with Leaking Seams

Ductwork installed on the roof itself is not only unsightly, it is extremely inefficient. Exposed ductwork has a much harder time staying watertight. This makes it easier for water to slip through the seams and travel throughout your ducts and vents. This poses a threat to both your ceiling and your health, as leaking water has the potential to cause mold or mildew to grow in your ducts.

Drain Pan Leak

Leaks in the drain pan are another common cause of water leaks. If this is the case, you should probably put in a call to your HVAC specialist, but again, this simple repair can be done by a roofer as well.

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