20 Apr

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Makes Clicking Noise


Anyone with a heating or cooling system knows that if they hear a whirring noise or even a slight hum, there’s no cause for concern. However, if your air conditioning makes clicking noises constantly or is loud enough to wake you out of your dreams, it is a telltale sign that something is wrong and needs fixing.

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Makes Clicking NoiseThere are a few common reasons an air conditioning system may make a clicking noise, including loose parts in the compressor, electrical issues, or an issue with the fan unit.

Let’s explore why your air conditioning is making clicking noise

1. Loose parts in the compressor

If clicking noises are coming from outside the house, your compressor may be the reason. Sometimes, clicking noises stem from a loose bolt. Clicking noises from your air conditioning could be a refrigerant tube loose within the compressor, causing a soft clicking noise. Luckily enough, this reason for a clicking air conditioning is not a cause for immediate concern. It is worth keeping an eye on, though.

2. Electrical issues

Did you know that most air conditioning systems click once when they startup? Yeah, it’s completely normal. However, if your air conditioning clicks constantly but won’t turn on, you most likely have an electrical problem having to do with your capacitors. When the air conditioning starts up, the click is the thermostat sending a signal to the capacitors to get things started. The problem comes when the thermostat can’t communicate with the capacitors, probably due to shorted wires or a faulty capacitor.

3. It’s your fan unit

The first thing (but not the most obvious thing) to check for is the fan unit inside your air conditioning. The clicking noise could be an obstructed or slightly bent fan blade hitting something inside the air handler repeatedly.

Air conditioning repair in the Fredericksburg area

Clicking noises are often harmless, but you don’t want to incur hefty electrical damage to your AC unit and harm yourself trying to replicate DIY videos on YouTube. Save yourself some time and money by contacting the professionals at Robert B. Payne, Inc. Schedule an appointment today by calling 540-373-5876.