3 Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore
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3 Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Furnaces are known to make some noise, but there are a few noises that are out of the ordinary that should never be ignored. If you experience any of these furnace sounds, you may have a larger repair on your hands that should be addressed immediately.

3 Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Banging sounds

A loud bang from your furnace is startling, for sure. Often, a bang may indicate expanding duct work due to fluctuating temperatures. This may be normal if it happens early after turning your furnace on for the season, but repeated duct work expansion may be a sign of a big problem. The culprit might be:

  • A clogged air filter
  • Closed vents
  • Poor quality duct work
  • Ducts that do not meet the sizing requirements for your home and furnace

Any of these issues should be examined by an HVAC professional.

Squealing sounds

A squealing sound is never a pleasant one to hear, and if you notice it coming from your furnace, it may indicate:

  • A loose, broken, or deteriorated blower belt
  • A broken fan motor
  • Shaft bearings that require lubrication

Scraping sounds

A scraping sound almost always means there is an issue with your furnace’s blower wheel. The wheel may be loose in the furnace, causing the scraping, which usually can be fixed by tightening the part itself- but it may also need replacing.

Any strange sound coming from your furnace should be inspected by a professional. At Robert B. Payne, we specialize in identifying the source of unpleasant furnace noises. Give us a call at 540-373-5876 and we’ll have it fixed in no time.

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