Different Types of Underfloor Heating Systems
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Different Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

Are you considering installing underfloor heating systems for your home? Fantastic choice! There are several benefits commonly associated with this type of heating. An underfloor heating system requires almost no maintenance, it’s very energy-efficient, it provides an even distribution of heat, and it’s hidden away (making it a fantastic space-saver!).

So, what are the different types of underfloor heating systems? There are two of them. Here they are:

  • Hot-water systems. Hot-water underfloor heating systems function much like your central heating system, in that they use warm water to heat your home. One the biggest perks of using a hot-water system is their high level of energy efficiency. In addition, they can be integrated with your existing heating system, which is great news! This makes them much easier to install — also, you can pick which rooms you’d like to have underfloor heating in, and which you wouldn’t. Hot-water underfloor heating systems are versatile, and function very well.
  • Electric systems. Electric underfloor heating systems have their perks, too! This type of system does tend to be cheaper to install, which is always a plus. In addition, an electric system also tends to heat up in a quicker period of time, as they are more responsive.

In short, to determine which type of underfloor heating system is best for you, it’s always good to do in-depth research into each. They both come with their own set of advantages — and, depending on your needs, one may be a better fit over another.

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