What is Energy Efficient Heating ?
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The Most Energy Efficient Heating Solutions

Gone are the days of setting light to a pile of lumber to keep warm, replaced by whole home systems – people were so overwhelmed at the convenience that no-one gave a thought to efficiency or cost effectiveness. As time moved on, people started to think about how much of their hard earned money that it was costing to heat their homes, energy isn’t cheap and as costs spiralled, people wanted to reduce those costs.

Welcome to Efficiency

There is now an array of energy efficient heating systems available, they cater for nearly every need and situation, but to maximize the benefit, you should talk to a professional heating company – factors such as geography, usage, budget, home style and lifestyle will have an impact on your choice, choosing the wrong one won’t help with efficiency.

Heat Pumps

The most efficient system (on average) is a heat pump. These are the very latest in technology and know-how, usually ground sourced or air sourced and can cut energy usage anywhere up to a massive 70%. However, as the old saying goes; ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ so as you’d expect, there is a drawback, and that is purchase cost and installation price, especially for a ground sourced pump.

Improve What You Have

If your heating system is still going strong and you have no desire to replace it ‘just because’, then you should think about making your current system or home more energy efficient. A well-insulated home can improve the efficiency of your heating dramatically, as can sealing any drafts that you may have.


Talking things through with a professional will always give you more information, will generally equip you with enough to make an informed decision and of course, they will know all the latest technology and systems.

For advice on improving your heating or to talk through the options regarding modern, energy efficient systems, contact us online or call us at 540-373-5876.

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