Find an HVAC Maintenance Program That Works for You
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Find an HVAC Maintenance Program That Works for You

No one likes to turn on the heater or air conditioner only to discover it no longer works. That is why routine HVAC maintenance is so important.

Performing routine maintenance not only increases the lifespan and efficiency of your heating and cooling system, but it also makes sure it is ready to work when you need it most. It can also help spot any potential problems that may require HVAC repair services from a local heating and cooling company.

Most homeowners can perform basic, routine HVAC maintenance on their own.

Some basic, routine maintenance that can be performed by homeowners includes:

  • Inspecting any refrigerant lines every month
  • Replacing air filters on the heating and cooling system every 90 days
  • Removing grass, leaves, branches and other debris from around any AC units or heating units
  • Clean air conditioner condensate drain with bleach. This prevents mold and mildew from building up and causing damage that will require further air conditioning repair.
  • Check for any cracks, dents or damage in the unit or any of its parts that may require an appointment with a technician for a/c repair.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing HVAC maintenance on your own or you just don’t have the time to do it, consider signing up for a maintenance program through Robert B. Payne Even if you feel comfortable performing routine maintenance to your heating and cooling system, it is still a good idea to sign up for an a/c service repair maintenance program as a certified technician may find problems that you overlooked.

When you sign up for an HVAC maintenance program with Robert B. Payne an experienced, professional technician will come to your home to tune-up your heating and cooling system and perform any basic maintenance your system may need. If any heating or air conditioning repair needs to be performed beyond the routine maintenance, our technicians will be able to complete those repairs.

Call us today at 540-373-5876 to learn more about our HVAC maintenance program or to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for a/c service repair. Visit our website at

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