How a Dirty Flame Sensor Can Affect Your Furnace
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How a Dirty Flame Sensor Can Affect Your Furnace

When you run into an issue with your furnace, such as it repeatedly turning off, it’s common to dwell on the worst-case scenarios such as suffering in a frigid home or spending thousands of dollars on a new system. However, many fixes can be relatively simple and inexpensive. For example, a dirty flame sensor can bring your entire furnace to a halt – but this part is typically fixable.

What does the flame sensor do?

The flame sensor is an important safety feature inside a furnace. It’s a thin, metal rod that monitors the pilot flame. If the pilot flame goes out, the flame sensor will turn the unit off to prevent natural gas from leaking into the home.

Without the flame sensor, if the pilot light goes out but the gas valve remains open, the gas will not burn and will seep out of the furnace. This is a dangerous situation that can result in gas poisoning or even an explosion.

Common problems with a flame sensor.

If the flame sensor is faulty, it can become more of a nuisance than a safety feature. Over time, small particles can accumulate on the sensor, which can affect the performance and turn your furnace off unnecessarily.

The good news is that in most cases, a flame sensor can be cleaned and restored to proper working order. This is a fairly delicate process that should only be attempted by a licensed HVAC professional. It’s also a task that should be included in a furnace maintenance or tune-up package.

In some cases, the issue is more severe than a dirty flame sensor, and the component needs to be replaced for your furnace to run effectively. This can be a relatively quick service appointment and much cheaper than replacing the entire unit.

Furnace flame sensor repair in Fredericksburg, Stafford, and King George Counties

A dirty flame sensor is one of the most common reasons why a furnace refuses to turn or stay on. After cleaning or replacing the flame sensor, your furnace should return to running consistently and safely.

If you find your furnace keeps turning off unexpectedly, bring in Robert B. Payne, Inc. to inspect the flame sensor, along with other important components. To schedule furnace repair or maintenance To schedule a consultation, call us today at (540) 373-5876.

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