How are the sizing capacities of heating systems measured?
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How are the sizing capacities of heating systems measured?

When it comes time to choose a new heating system for your home, choosing one that is the correct size for your requirements will play a major part in receiving the very best in comfort, efficiency, cost, and maintenance. According to national surveys, over half of HVAC contractors fail to properly size the heating system they install. This is actually the most common mistake a contractor can make, and it makes the entire system more expensive and less efficient.

To size the system correctly, you need to factor in the local climate, the size and shape of the entire house, the insulation of the home, the window and door placements, air filtration, the occupant’s comfort preferences, and even the type of home appliances that give off heat. Homeowners should insist that all heating contractors or companies use the right sizing calculations before they sign a contract.

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