Quick Tips on Air Conditioning Tune Ups
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Quick Tips on Air Conditioning Tune Ups

As Fredericksburg starts to heat up, we know our clients want  to know all the quick tips regarding air conditioning tune ups. The last thing you want on a hot summer day is to have your AC go out. We’ve put together this list of tip we home will keep you and our family cool all summer long.

Change Your Air Filter

Especially during the times of year that you run your air conditioner the most, try to change your air filter every month, This will keep your AC unit running at peak performance and efficiency, keeping your family cooler and your utility bill lower.

Close the Curtains During the Heat of the Day

If you keep your windows, drapes, shades, and/or curtains closed while the sun is high, you’ll reduce solar heat gain and the temperature in your home with thank you for it. This is most crucial on the side of your home where you receive direct sunlight. Don’t feel like you have to close off your entire home during midday.

Keep Your Thermostat Away From Heat Sources

You might be surprised to find out how often we have clients complain about problems with their thermostats only to find out that they have something located near the sensors that puts off heat.

Move Your Thermostat Up a Couple Degrees

You read that right. For each additional degree you increase your thermostat temperature, you’l lover your utility bills by an average of 3%. That’s a huge savings over the course of the summer for changing your AC a few degrees.

Call Robert B Payne, Inc. to Schedule a Tune Up

If you have questions about our air conditioner tune up services, give Robert B Payne, Inc. a call at 540-373-5876. We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have and share our annual service plans options that will keep your HVAC system in perfect working order all year long.

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