School's Out - How to Make Your House the Summer Neighborhood Hangout
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School’s Out — How to Make Your House the Summer Neighborhood Hangout

It’s summertime! Which means that it’s time to make sure that your house is THE place to be this summer. Here’s how to do just that:

1) Be available. Get to know your children’s friends by attending their sporting events or other activities. Offer to drive your children and their friends to and from their after-school activities. You can learn a lot about what kinds of things your kids and their friends like to do, and how they interact with each other, by simply listening quietly as you drive. Being available is key!

2) Be there. Let your children and teens know that their friends are welcome, and make sure there’s always an adult present whenever your kids entertain their friends in your home. It’s important to be there, however you can.

3) Be real. Don’t try to be buddies with your kids’ friends. Just be yourself. Be open and welcoming, and not judgmental. If you don’t approve of one of your children’s friends, address it privately with your child; and instead of pointing out the friend’s faults, focus on how their negative traits change or influence your child’s behavior or attitude when they are with them.

4) Be flexible. It’s important to be flexible! Offer a variety of both outdoor and indoor games and activities available that your kids and their friends can enjoy, regardless of the weather.

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