Should I Replace My Furnace And Air Conditioning at The Same Time?
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Should I Replace My Furnace And Air Conditioning at The Same Time?

When it is time to purchase a new furnace or air conditioner, many homeowners are tempted to buy both at the same time. This saves money on the cost of installation, but will it help you save money in the long run? It all depends on how long you plan to live in your house and whether the new units will be more efficient than the ones you have now.

Should I Replace My Furnace And Air Conditioning At The Same Time

If you have had them for many years, they are likely to be less efficient than units manufactured today. The efficiency of heating and cooling units is designated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER. If your current units have a rating of 6, you will be buying units with a rating of at least 14, which are about twice as efficient. Look at the cost of operating your units over the next 15 years and decide whether it will be cheaper to replace them or pay for installation.

Read on to find out why replacing your air conditioner and furnace at the same time is a good idea. When you do so, you’re likely to install a “matched system”.

Why You Should Replace Your Furnace and AC at The Same Time

The newest furnaces use fuel more efficiently than the older models, but a new furnace won’t increase your house’s efficiency very much after about 30 percent.

It is much more efficient to install two new units at the same time. A matched system will achieve a SEER of 17, which is about twice as high as the efficiency of a single unit. This is because the matched system uses less electricity than two separate units that are not designed to work together.

A matched system can be up to 40% more efficient than a single central air conditioner. It can also provide better humidification and dehumidification. Both units are controlled by the same thermostat, which makes it easy to maintain the temperature and humidity in different sections of your home at all times. A matched system also allows you to adjust each unit for maximum efficiency.

There are several other things to consider when determining whether you need to replace your furnace and AC at the same time and including:

-How old the units are

-The age of your home

-Your budget for replacement units

-Whether or not you have central air conditioning or window units in some rooms

Robert B Payne is a household name in furnace and air conditioning services. Contact us today to find out how you can get a matched system for your home or business.

When Is The Right Time to Replace My Furnace And Air Conditioner?

The best time to replace your furnace and AC is when they break or if you’ve already had them for 12-15 years. However, if you plan on staying in your home for another five years, it’s generally a good idea to upgrade at least one of the units if they’re old or inefficient.

When to Replace Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit at The Same Time

Depending on the age, condition and efficiency of your system, it may be time to replace both your furnace and air conditioner at the same time. If you feel like you’re constantly repairing one or the other, it may mean that it is time to call a professional and replace them with a matched system. You may also consider this if;

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old.
  • You want to be free from HVAC replacements and repairs for a while.
  • You want to buy a high-efficiency air conditioner with a SEER greater than 16.

When Not to Replace Your AC and Furnace at The Same Time

It might not be the best time to replace your furnace and AC if you’re planning on selling your house soon. You may also consider waiting if you can’t afford to purchase new units at the same time.

If your furnace is less than ten years old and in good working condition, you may have to postpone your AC replacement. This is due to the fact that your furnace will last 17-30 years, while your AC should last 12-15 years.

Should You Replace Both Air Conditioning Components (Condenser/Compressor And Evaporator Coil) at The Same Time?

Yes. If your AC is fairly new, changing the evaporator coil will make it run more efficiently. If you wait too long to change it, however, you may need to replace both components at once. The same goes for the condenser/compressor unit; some experts suggest replacing this component first because of its higher cost and shorter lifespan.

Replacing both components at once ensures that they will be balanced and matched for your home. This way, you can rest assured that one component won’t overwork to compensate for the other and vice versa. You’ll save money on energy bills as a result of better balance and efficiency.

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