What’s Included in an Annual Furnace Maintenance Appointment
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What’s Included in an Annual Furnace Maintenance Appointment

This is the time of year that tends to fly by. It feels like we just finished summer but in a blink, Christmas music will start playing on the radio. This is also the time of year to think about getting your furnace prepared for the winter.

If you plan on just turning on the furnace when the temperature drops, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. In this article, we’ll explain why you should schedule a furnace maintenance appointment and what that session entails.

Benefits of a furnace tune-up

Having your furnace inspected and serviced is one of the best ways to make sure it’s ready to keep you warm all winter long. If a small issue is left unchecked, it can develop into a major problem and cause your furnace to break down. Also, a tune-up can help make sure your system is working as efficiently as it should, which can help you save on monthly energy costs. 

While there is some basic maintenance you can perform on your own – such as replacing the air filter – an HVAC professional has the experience and tools to inspect all the complex areas of the system.

Furnace maintenance checklist

The average service life of a furnace is 15-20 years. Over that time, parts can wear out and debris can accumulate and disrupt airflow. During a complete maintenance service, an HVAC professional will inspect, adjust, or replace a wide range of components. Here is a quick checklist of tasks that should be included. 

Inspect and clean pilot light, if your furnace has one

  • Examine gas lines and check for possible leaks – if a leak is detected, it should be repaired immediately
  • Clean out the combustion blower
  • Check all wiring and connections in the control box
  • Remove and clean burners
  • Inspect heat exchanger and heating elements for signs of deterioration
  • Examine flue pipe to make sure there are no leaks or damage
  • Clean combustion air openings to ensure proper airflow
  • Adjust or replace pulleys and belts that may be worn out
  • Lubricate bearings and motors
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Inspect ducts and vents
  • Reposition or tighten loose panels
  • Replace air filter
  • Test and reprogram the thermostat

Scheduling a maintenance appointment

There’s no question about it – annual maintenance is key to extending the service life of your finish and keep it running at maximum efficiency. The real question is who should you trust to perform the job?

At Robert B. Payne, we’ve been proudly serving the Fredricksburg area since 1930. For any of your heating maintenance or, we can help keep your home cozy all winter long. To schedule an appointment, call us at 540-373-5876.

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