What's the Best Type of Heater for My Fredericksburg, VA Home
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What’s the Best Type of Heater for My Fredericksburg, VA Home

Many years ago, before the technical advancements we enjoy today, households were heated with nothing but a fireplace and a well-placed candle. Today, we enjoy far more efficient and cost-effective systems. You have the option of central heating, forced-air heating, solar-powered systems, and so much more. Which one you choose depends on your location, property, and how much you’re willing to pay now and for the foreseeable future.

Here in Virginia, you have a broad selection of heating systems. Let us explore a few of the top systems together and choose the right one for your home.

Central Heating

Most households throughout the country enjoy central heating. If not, then many are actively considering central heating as a viable option to heat their homes. The most common form of central heating is via a furnace. A furnace is designed to blow hot air through the duct system to deliver warmth to each room in the house. Such systems revolve around air registers or grills – typically found overhead or along the baseboard of the wall. Furthermore, central heating can be powered by electricity, natural gas, and even fuel oil. As a result, it is quite a versatile, budget-friendly option to meet your comfort and warmth needs year-round.

Radiant Heating Systems

Over the years, radiant heating systems have grown in popularity. You’ll notice that many homes have traditional radiant heating systems, such as a radiator, baseboard heater, or aluminum panels within the actual walls and floors of the house.

However, more advanced radiant heating systems are becoming the norm. Such systems include radiant floor heating, which is growing in popularity. This system works well when paired with ceramic tile flooring. The system transfers heat using air ducts, a boiler, and the radiant heating system in the floor. There are no allergens circulating through the air duct, as the heat comes from below your feet.

Heat Pumps

Another option is a heat pump. A heat pump is designed to use refrigerant, much like your central air conditioning system, to absorb heat from outside sources – like the air, ground, and even water – and a heat exchanger to transfer hot air indoors.

The most common type of heat pump uses thermal energy transferred from ambient air or the ground around your home. However, air-source and ground-source heat pumps are becoming more expensive as they become more popular. As such, this form of household heating system is an investment that could see long-term cost reductions in your energy bills.

The advantages of such a system include year-round use, increased water bill savings, and an add-on that transfers excess heat directly to your hot water heater for extended use there. However, in high temperatures during the summer, the heat pump’s overall efficiency may be reduced.

As you can see, there are countless wonderful options for homeowners seeking a new heating system at home. Call Robert B. Payne, Inc. for professional heating services, including installation and repair, year-round. You can reach us at 540-373-5876!

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