When to Consider Water Heater Repair
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When to Consider Water Heater Repair

You just came in after a long day at the office and it’s time to relax. However, before you do, you decide, “First things first,” so, you proceed to take a nice, steamy, hot shower. Perhaps you went to the dishwasher to load the dishes that have grease build-up from that delicious meal you served for dinner. After running the entire cycle, you finally become aware that the hot water went on vacation.

In times like these, you need to call Robert B. Payne because what you need is a water heater service specialist. Instead of a new water heater installation, there’s another option that our Fredericksburg heating technicians can handle.

Why Invest in Repairs

If you notice unusual changes with your water heater, you should not run out and purchase a new one before inquiring about water heater repair. You may end up spending money unnecessarily. Not only will you have to pay for a new system, but you’ll have to pay for the water heater installation as well.

In addition to experiencing no hot water at all, some other noticeable changes may include:

  • The water is not as hot as it used to be.
  • Your once-clean water is now rusty.
  • You hear strange noise coming from your heater.
  • The light keeps going out.
  • There is a smelly odor coming from the tank.
  • Water settles near the base of the heater.

Once you notice the changes, putting off water heater repair could lead to further expenses. It’s best that one of our Fredericksburg heating technicians comes over to remove the tank, do the repairs and the water heater installation of your repaired tank. Investment in water heater repair as opposed to a new purchase will save you time, money, and electrical energy.

With the skills of one of our qualified Fredericksburg heating technicians, you will be back under the hot water stream before you know it. Water heater service is our specialty. Once you call Robert B. Payne, Inc. at 540-373-5876, your problem is solved.

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