Why Isn’t my Furnace Keeping up With The Cold?
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Why Isn’t my Furnace Keeping up With The Cold?

Cold weather can pose many problems in your home, especially when it involves your heating system. Many people rely on their furnaces during the harsh winter months to provide warmth inside their homes. Unfortunately, there are times when even the best heating systems can’t keep up with winter. If this happens to you, here are some reasons why.

Why Isn’t My Furnace Keeping Up With The Cold

Don’t Shut Your Furnace Down During The Winter Months

You may not know this, but most furnaces are meant to work continuously throughout the winter. Excessive turning on and off of your furnace will only cause it to wear out more quickly, so keep it running! It’s preferable to reduce the temperature setting. Another reason you shouldn’t turn off your furnace in winter is that you may face frozen or burst pipe issues.

Never Neglect Your Tune-ups

Furnaces are amazing. They keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. However, they can be extremely complicated machines that require a lot of upkeep to ensure that they continue to work properly for years on end.

A huge part of how well your furnace operates during the winter is, without a doubt, dependent on how well it was maintained throughout the year. It’s important that you have regular tune-ups during the hotter months to make sure everything is running smoothly once it gets cold outside. Making sure everything is working properly will save you loads of time and money in the long run.

Is Your Furnace The Wrong Size For Your House?

Furnaces are sized to heat specific amounts of square footage. If it isn’t properly sized, your furnace could end up running constantly without actually heating your house to the temperature you set on the thermostat.

If your furnace is too large for your house, it will try to heat the entire house, which can be inefficient. If it’s too small, it won’t have the strength to get your home above freezing.

If you suspect that your furnace is not working properly or if it just doesn’t seem powerful enough for your house, call the experts at Robert B Payne to come and check everything out for you.

Your Thermostat Could be Broken

Sometimes, your thermostat simply malfunctions and stops working. This can cause your furnace to not turn on or keep running even when the house is already heated. If you suspect that this is what’s going on in your home, consider replacing the batteries in the thermostat and checking for any loose wires before contacting our friendly team about possible replacements.

Is Your Furnace The Wrong Age?

Older furnaces simply aren’t as efficient as newer models, meaning they don’t have the power to keep up with your needs. If you’re dealing with a furnace that was made before the 1980s, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one for your home. Many furnaces are still functioning well after being installed in the 1970s or earlier, but newer furnaces are designed for maximum energy efficiency and will save you money on your heating bills, while also keeping you warm during the coldest days.

In addition, if your furnace has been struggling lately, it may be time to consider purchasing a new one. It’s better to buy a new unit than to keep spending money fixing the old one.

Don’t Let Dust Ruin Your Winter

If you’re really struggling to keep your house warm, it might be time to clean some things around your home that could be causing trouble for your furnace. The most common culprits are air vents and/or heating ducts. When dust accumulates inside these places, it can prevent your furnace from being able to effectively distribute heat throughout your house, much like when there is too much dust in an electrical fan.

If you have not had the vents in your home cleaned in a while or have recently moved into a new place where someone else lived previously, consider having them cleaned before turning on your furnace for the winter. By removing the dust and allowing airflow to move naturally throughout your home, you can free up a lot of space for your furnace to operate properly.

If you already cleaned the vents but they didn’t seem to make a difference with how well your furnace was heating your house, it’s probably time to give it some maintenance. Contact our licensed technicians for reliable furnace maintenance.

Get In Touch With Our Team For 5-Star Furnace Installation and Replacement

Your furnace works hard throughout the year to keep you warm, so it’s important that you give it some love during the winter months. Many furnaces need professional maintenance at least once every year. This helps your heating system work more efficiently and will help prevent any major problems from occurring. Contact us today at 540-373-5876 if your furnace is no longer keeping up with the cold.

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